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Case Study: Robinson Optometrists VoIP Solution

Robinson Optometrists are based in Whitley Bay and provide clinical excellence in eye care for all of their clients. They invest heavily in state-of-the-art instrumentation for their practice and ensure the most up-to-date staff education and development is always the case. They provide an exceptional personal service to their customers by looking after the individual and their needs. The practice provides value for money and choice to clients in a relaxed and friendly environment. Until engaging Arrow Comms, Robinsons were reluctant to opt for a VoIP system.

The challenge for Robinson Optometrists

Robinson Optometrists contacted Arrow Comms Ltd following their receipt of a letter from British Telecom informing them of the impending shut down of ISDN in their area. They have to date, been highly reluctant to move to a VoIP system, having experienced an appalling level of service when this was attempted three years ago.

During their previous foray into the world of VoIP, all the right promises were made at the front end of the project. Namely, replacement desktop sets for all their aging BT supplied “Versatility” sets, provide SIP trunks enabling concurrent calls and facilitate a seamless transition to the new world of cloud-based telephony.

Following the uptake of the proposition, a new system was installed only for the practice to find echoes on the line, calls dropping out frequently, and a generally poor customer experience. 

Arrow Comms Solution

As a Gold Wildix Partner, Arrow Comms Ltd knew they had the right product for Robinson Optometrists requirements. A site survey was carried out to identify any potential pitfalls and to get out ahead of them before the deployment was initiated. As a proof of concept, a test site was deployed to the premises for the staff to use at their leisure and to feedback opinions and concerns.

Following the successful use of the test equipment, a complete detailed proposal was put together for the company and discussed at length with the management of Robinson Optometrists. Arrow Comms supplied a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of the business after a thorough consultive process with the client. This solution included securing the required licenses, equipment and keeping costs under control.

Today, Robinson Optometrists are making full use of Wildix workforce telephones. Wildix collaboration provides both an extra level of functionality for their staff and a failsafe communication channel in the unlikely event of any system’s failure. Staff can simply log into their office telephone through their mobile devices using the collaboration app.

Problematic VOIP experiences became a thing of the past.

Robinson Optometrists now have a complete VoIP telephony system deployed to their premises without disrupting their working practices. Their existing business telephone number has been ported over to the new lines to continue that familiarity for existing clients. No failings have been found with the new system to correspond with their previous unfortunate experience in the world of cloud-based telephony, and costs are down when compared to our previous designs.

All of the above has led to a customer testimonial from Nigel Robinson, the business owner:

“We reluctantly changed to a VOIP system, having had a problematic experience three years ago from another provider. No such trouble this time. Information gathering and customer service from Andi were excellent. Expertise in the fitting process from Stephen could not be faulted.

We look forward to a long and happy relationship with Arrow Comms.”