SIP or (Session Initiation Protocol) is the new kid on the block. A flexible, cost effective and reliable service which brings the control of lines to the end user. Using the internet to make calls has numerous benefits including low cost or free call charges, low cost line rental, operator control and built in disaster recovery options. Businesses can also benefit from never having to change there number again. SIP has certainly advanced in recent times and with high speed internet being available to over 85% of businesses SIP is now a very real option.

Key Advantages of SIP


Because SIP is delivered over an internet connection, increasing the number of SIP channels can be achieved within minutes, as opposed to the days or weeks required for ISDN.


The phone numbers are not tied to physical locations.  This means that calls to SIP numbers can be diverted incredibly easily to other locations. This same functionality also allows numbers to be redirected in disaster recovery situations.


Because SIP can be delivered across high bandwidth connections (such as Fibre, EFM and FTTC) higher levels of vocal quality can be delivered from end to end. You can test drive our SIP Line on 01916053609


The bottom line is what it often comes down to for businesses, and for the reasons outlined above SIP almost always wins out over ISDN.

” Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol that initiates and manages interactive user sessions involving voice, video, instant messaging, and other such multimedia sessions. “