Enterprise Solutions

Samsung OfficeServ

The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series 
gives today’s businesses all they need for versatile, flexible, reliable and secure voice and data communications.

The Samsung OfficeServ systems combine voice, data and wireless communications in a single platform; supports analogue, digital and IP telephony; and is modular and fully scale able so that customers can make the transition to fully converged communications at their own speed.The models in the series support between 4 and 480 users, but these can be linked together to support tens of thousands of extensions across multiple sites.

Because all models use the same software and handsets, as well as sharing many of the interface modules, businesses can retain existing equipment as they grow their system, providing a consistent look whilst keeping costs low.

Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange is the CTI application with a difference. Samsung Xchange connects your telephone to your office computer, making you more productive. When a call is received by your telephone, the caller’s telephone number (CLI) is displayed on your screen in a small, discreet, notification window. Samsung Xchange also connects to your companys CRM database/application and looks up the name of the caller in the database for you and displays it. This will allow you to know who’s calling even before answering the phone.

Samsung Xchange

Samsung Xchange Operator

Every call into a business is a potential revenue generator and therefore the rsk of a call being mishandled or misdirected needs to be reduced.

That’s why Samsung has developed Samsung Xchange Operator, a full screen client application designed to be used in conjunction with a Digital or IP handset to provide full operator functionality. With the simplicity of point and click operation, Samsung Xchange Operator replaces traditional handset key and lamp working to offer each Operator extensive call handling functionality, vastly improving their day-to-day management of incoming call traffic.

Samsung Xchange Operator

Samsung Xchange Mobile

Samsung Xchange Mobile Client (Xchange Mobile) is an application for smartphones that integrates with Samsung Xchange server. The integration delivers desktop like Xchange services and benefits to a user’s smartphone.

Every organisation that uses smartphones in addition to desk phones can benefit from Xchange Mobile to improve efficiency in the workplace.

Samsung Xchange Mobile

Samsung Call Recording

Samsung Call Recording is an easy to use, comprehensive solution where storing, finding, playback and achieving of calls is just a click away. Many types of organisations can benefit from installing Samsung Call Recording to:

Monitor staff performance to improve company standards and customer care.

Resolve “Who said what disputes” by confirming details from a call such as quantities / specifications of an order.

Train employees on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance.

Regulatory compliance (for FSA regulated companies).

Samsung Call Recording Brochure

Samsung Business Reporting

Samsung Business Reporting has been designed to offer organisations of any size the ability to maximise the use of staff, telephony and IT resources.Using historical call statistics, extension, groups of extensions, DDI and trunk activity can be analysed to assess call traffic and users efficiency, so that you can:

  • Verify call costs, including multiple carriers.
  • Calculate call handling capacity and traffic flows.
  • Manage staffing levels to meet fluctuations in demand.
  • Create concise billing information for cost centres, extensions, clients and campaigns.
  • Create automated or on-demand reports in standardised Excel, Word, HTML and email formats.
  • Build what if scenarios – imagine being able see how many more calls you could handle if you had more staff or lines at a given time of day or day of the week.

Samsung Business Reporting also allows for custom widgets to be created, so you can build your own management screens to show the data that’s important to your business.